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Whether you are looking for a chiropractor adjustment in Rockwall or pain relief, you are in the right place! Rockwall Health Center has a warm and inviting office and knows you have a busy life. If you need neck and back adjustments, Rockwall Health Center can help you feel better!

Our office provides care that is:

The Power of Knowledge

Dr. J knows that educating patients helps them to take charge of their health and wellness by making small changes in their lives and habits. We want our patients to ask questions and continue to learn about how their body functions at its best. Even Dr. J continues to learn!

Knowledge empowers our patients to make healthy choices for their lives and their families lives.”

Naturally Healing the Body

Your body is more likely to experience pain, injury, and a variety of health issues when the nervous system is not working well.  But your body has ways to help heal these issues. Our chiropractic care provides Dr. J with the opportunity to help with corrections that are non-invasive.

Our clinic doesn’t just provide chiropractic adjustments in Rockwall, we also delve deeper into your health issues, how they are affecting you, and how we can help solve them. Rockwall Health Center also offers cold laser therapy and clinical nutrition services. We want to provide long-term solutions. Call us today if you want to learn more about our certified nutrition services or our holistic chiropractic back and neck adjustments in Rockwall!

Take time to enjoy your health.”

Want to Learn More?

For additional information about our services, please contact our office. There are many benefits to nutritional support and adjustments that can positively impact your life!
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