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About Us

At Rockwall Health Center, our office is inviting, warm, and understands the active lives that our patients lead. When you become a patient at our office, you’re always receiving care that is:

Family chiropractic care

Helping active families live their best life!

  • Highly Beneficial
  • Comfortable and Safe
  • Cost Effective

Knowledge is Power

By educating our patients, they learn more about the changes they can make in their every day lives that encourage wellness and promote the body’s natural ability to heal. Dr. Jamal encourages patients to ask questions about their treatment. We truly enjoy and welcome the opportunity of giving patients quality health information about their body. In fact, Dr. Jamal himself has never stopped learning!

Knowledge empowers our patients to make healthy choices for their lives and their families lives.”

Healing the Body, Naturally

When our nervous system isn’t functioning properly, our bodies are more prone to pain, injury, and various health conditions. But did you know that your body has the tools it needs to heal itself? The beauty of chiropractic care allows Dr. Jamal the opportunity to correct the spine using just his hands or non-invasive tools.

At Rockwall Health Center, we don’t believe it is enough to simply adjust a patient and send them on their way. Instead, we look deeper into the issue at hand to learn where the pain or injury started, why it is occurring, and what can be done to heal. We believe in setting up patients for life, not just a quick fix.

Take time to enjoy your health.”

Learn More About Rockwall Health Center

If you have ever been curious about chiropractic care, we encourage you to contact our office to learn more. The many benefits of both adjustments and nutritional support can bring positive improvements to your life.

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